What Anxiety Actually is? These 9 Illustrated Pictures Will Help You To Understand It!

Mental illness is one of the hardest things to explain to those who have never experienced it. While many illnesses have physical symptoms that others can see, the ones that occur in our minds are, to an extent, invisible.

Anxiety can be something that people live with long term. If you don’t have chronic anxiety, it is impossible to understand. You may think you know what it is, but it goes much deeper than the average person assumes.

Sophie Wright tried to help shed some light on the situation with a helpful doodle she shared on her Tumblr. Having chronic anxiety isn’t just being nervous or overreacting to situations. Once you read this, you’ll see.

anxiety illustrated
anxiety illustrated2
anxiety illustrated3
anxiety illustrated4
anxiety illustrated5
anxiety illustrated6
anxiety illustrated7
anxiety illustrated8
anxiety illustrated9

Little is known about the effects of suffering from anxiety, and with a lack of physical symptoms, you can understand why. But it’s important to know that’s a real issue that effects a lot of people.

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