How to deal with travel anxiety?

8 Tips for Calming Travel Anxiety, According to a Psychologist Build in extra time. Set reasonable expectations. Try to stay positive — or at least neutral. “Fact check” your anxiety. Act your way into feeling calm. Accept the situation. If flying makes you anxious, distract yourself during the flight.

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Is travel anxiety a thing?

Some 18% of people in the U. have an anxiety disorder. Travel anxiety is the fear of visiting an unfamiliar place. It can also involve the stress that comes with planning your travels. Even if you have no history of anxiety, the idea of being outside familiar territory can throw you into panic mode.

Is it normal to have anxiety before a trip?

Given the modern-day realities of travel, a little anxiety is inevitable and more common than ever. Fortunately, it’s treatable, and perhaps even preventable. I have a close relative who always has a predictable pre-trip meltdown. It starts with packing her bags days — sometimes a week — before the journey.

Why am I so anxious about traveling?

What causes anxiety about travel? Negative associations with traveling can develop from a variety of experiences. In one study, 65 percent of people who had been in a major car accident developed travel anxiety. Having a panic attack while in an unfamiliar area can also lead to anxiety over traveling.

Why do vacations stress me out?

In this post we present a number of common reasons that you might be finding travel to be stressful. These include feeling overwhelmed with travel planning, air travel experiences, concerns about the safety of a destination, difficulty handling unexpected events, financial strain, and having unrealistic expectations.

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