Atarax Generic

Atarax Generic

Atarax generic or Hydroxyzine HCI  is a  prescription medication used for treating many different conditions like anxiety and itching. It represents a first-generation antihistamine.

Atarax is, unfortunately, not being manufactured any more by Pfizer Inc. These are offered in tablets as well as the syrup form . These are offered in a form of tablets as well as the syrup form. When it comes to strength, there are several options to choose from too, all in accordance to user’s needs.

When we talk about generic hydroxyzine drugs, it is important to know that not all are necessarily generic Atarax. Different-brand generic medications are also offered to customers on the market, so pay attention while purchasing.

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What is Atarax?

Atarax (hydroxyzine) is a medicament made to reduce activity in the central nervous system (CNS). Another Atarax function is antihistamine-alike, which means it reduces natural chemical histamine in the body. In general, histamine can lead to symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, or hives on the skin.

Atarax is used for anxiety and tension treating. This sedative can be used with other medications too. Other problems Atarax can solve include allergic skin and similar allergy reactions.

Buy Atarax

Atarax 25mg Pills (Generic)  – $100

Atarax 10 mg Pills (Generic) – $91

Buying Atarax Generic might be the best option for everyone suffering anxiety and having problems with allergies, itching etc.

In case you have problems with allergy conditions, with anxiety, breathing problems, nausea, pain or motion sickens, buy Atarax and solve them all instantly.

 How to Choose Needed Atarax Generic?

Generic Atarax is available in different strengths and forms, as mentioned previously. Here are listed all options offered to the customers:

  • Hydroxyzine hydrochloride 10 mg: tablets
  • Hydroxyzine hydrochloride 25 mg: tablets
  • Hydroxyzine hydrochloride 50 mg: tablets
  • Hydroxyzine hydrochloride 10 mg per 5 mL: syrup.

For choosing appropriate Atarax strength and dosage, it is advisable for user to contact doctor and ask for instructions.

Who Manufactures Generic Atarax?

Generic Atarax is, luckily, produced by few different manufacturers. Those, among others, include:

  • Mutual Pharmaceutical Co., Inc.
  • Pliva
  • Vintage Pharmaceutical, Inc.
  • Watson Laboratories.

Of course, these are not all Atarax Generic manufacturers, but the most popular ones. Many others produce it too, so finding and buying this sedative is not that hard.

atarax anxiety medication

Side Effects of Atarax

Some of the problems possible to occur after Atarax usage are dry mouth, drowsiness, and shakiness. This can be temporary and does not have to be dangerous. However, it happens that serious problem evolves from small, previously considered unimportant, symptoms if any bad feeling is not reported on time. Having seizures, hallucinations, or any signs of allergic reaction is something user should never neglect.

As with any other medicine, side effects are possible with Atarax (hydroxyzine hydrochloride) too. Luckily, not everyone who takes this medication will have problems of any kind. In fact, most people tolerate this medicine very well, which means majority of cases includes no side effects, or minor ones, which are easily treated and temporary.


Minor Side Effects of Atarax

Minor side effect of Atarax usually include following:

  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Shakiness.

These are possible with any medication usage, as the organism needs some time to adjust. Still, paying attention to them and keeping them under control is necessary.

Larger Side Effects of Atarax

Some side effect of Atarax could potentially be serious or life threating. Reporting is more than necessary and has to be done straight after feeling some of the below-listed symptoms:

  • Hallucinations,
  • Seizures,
  • Signs of an allergic reaction like:

o   Unexplainable rash,
o   Hives,
o   Itching,
o   Unexplainable swelling (lips, mouth, or throat)
o   Wheezing or any other breathing problems.

Atarax Usage Instructions

In case you buy Atarax and try to use it regularly, taking this medicament has to be done exactly as the doctor specifies and prescribes. Taking smaller or larger amount, or longer than said, might only lead to serious problems. Prescription label should have all the usage instructions related to dosage listed.

This medicine should be taken with glass of water. In case customer chooses syrup, there is special dose-measuring spoon or cup included, so be careful to use it. Any pharmacy should have them in offer in case there is no one included with medicine.

Atarax, like every other medicine, should be stored at room temperature and away from any moisture or heat.

In case of missing the dose, take it as soon as possible if not much time has passed. Otherwise, if it is almost time for another dose, skip it.

In case of overdosing, call your doctor. It might happen there are no side effects, but overdosing can generally result in many different ways, such as extreme drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, feeling like you might pass out etc.


Important Notice

  • Do not use Atarax if you are allergic to hydroxyzine.
  • Do not use Atarax if you are pregnant.
  • Before Atarax usage, tell your doctor if you have:
    • Heart disease or high blood pressure,
    • Asthma, emphysema, or any other breathing problem,
    • Epilepsy or any other seizure disorder,
    • Glaucoma,
    • Stomach ulcer, blockage in your stomach or intestines,
    • Thyroid disorder,
    • Enlarged prostate or problems with urination,
    • Liver disease,
    • Kidney disease.
  • Be careful if driving or doing anything that requires you to be alert, as this medication may impair your thinking or reactions.
  • If having side effects such as confusion, tremors, seizures, or restless muscle movements in eyes, tongue, jaw, or neck stop using Atarax immediately and visit your doctor.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, as it can easily increase certain unwanted side effects of hydroxyzine.

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