ZenRx review: Everything you want to know

As a demand for different stress and anxiety relief supplements is increasing, we tend to cover as much as possible, in order to give you better insight in the market, possibilities and choices.

Our today’s topic is ZenRx – one of the most popular stress relief supplements on the Amazon. It is said to be the world’s first alternative to Antidepressants and Anti-Anxiety drugs. Better thing with supplements, of course, is that you don’t need prescription. What everyone can read about the ZenRx is that it improves mood, reduces feeling of panic and stress and helps in reducing of anxiety, depression and irritability. But, is that true and what can you really expect?

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Does it work and how?

Probably the hardest question to answer on is about supplement’s effects. Does it work as they described? If you take a look at what they claim, you will notice certainty in ZenRx’s effectiveness. It is claimed to provide instant relief without any harmful side effect. The price is also evidence of previously said: it is not cheap, so no one would actually keep purchasing it just to be sure in its inefficiency.

Experience of the customers proved this medication to be helpful in many cases. Of course, it depends on person. Someone finds it completely useless and waste of money, but there is not many cases of this kind. On the other hand, some people felt different side effects (about which we will talk further in text). Still, it is the fact that ZenRx helped in many cases to people suffering anxiety. Surely, those kinds of supplements are not equally strong as medications you get on prescription, but represent another much easier, simpler and probably healthier way to deal with anxiety. (Click here to buy ZenRx on Amazon)

Expected side effectszenrx reviews

The producer, NexGen Biolab, asserts this supplement is the same strength as other medications you get from your doctor. Therefore, it is obvious that side effects are possible to occur. Experience has shown possibility of loss of coordination and confusion, which are very similar side effects to ones you can deal with by taking prescription meds. However, this is not the case with everyone, as everybody is different. For some, ZenRx will cause trouble falling asleep, even if this is what the supplement should help in. If we are talking our experience, we did not face any problems. We will list you here what other people said about it, but the best thing you can do is give it a try and decide on your own.


Safety first

Probably the first feeling and though that comes to your mind is distrust. This is completely normal, as you never know what to expect. Unfortunately, the truth is you never know what is in any product you buy and what kind of consequence can you experience after usage. At the moment, there was no case of drastic side effect and there is no need for worry. If those minor things happen, they won’t harm you, and if you feel them just stop using the pills. Remember that the product is made to be the same strength as prescription medication. Also, feel free to ask your doctor for advice on usage of this kind of supplement. In addition, check the label to see who exactly cannot use the ZenRx due to some pre-existing medical conditions.


Experience of the ZenRx buyers, their reviews:


  • I would recommend it to anyone that needs relief from anxiety. Better than prescription anxiety meds and I haven’t had any side effects.
  • I have been taking the product for about a week and noticed a difference the first day.
  • This product helps me to relax and helps me feel less stressed. I love it.
  • I’m completely neutral about this product (hence the 3-star rating).
  • I will say this product does help. Just too pricey. If you needed it every day one bottle would not last for one month.
  • Truthfully I did not feel any change, it does make me feel more active however. I will continue to take it.
  • This product is great in some ways at relieving anxiety but it makes me very sleepy. I suggest taking it before sleeping.

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Amazon rating and price

The ZenRx supplement for anxiety and stress relief is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars, which makes it 5th in the Stress Reduction category on the Amazon.

When it comes to the price, we have to notice it is not cheap. But, who would expect it to be cheaper after claiming it has the same effects as prescribed medications? The bottle contains 30 capsules and it is made to last about a month. So, think about how much you want to invest and how necessary it is. Then, read a ZenRx reviews to see whether this is good working or not. After that decide on purchasing ZenRx, if it still fits all your needs.

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