Thoughtful Gifts for People With Anxiety

gifts for people with anxiety

We all know that one person that copes with anxiety on an everyday basis. Sometimes it can be hard to watch the person that is close to you struggling with anxiety and you probably wonder what can you do to help.

Buying gifts for people with anxiety can be a challenging task and you might consider buying them something that will help relieve their emotional stress and anxiety.

We gathered a list of gifts for people with anxiety that may help them to de-stress and calm down.

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Anxiety Coloring Book

anxiety coloring book

Anxiety colouring books are becoming increasingly popular among people with anxiety. Colouring can quite beneficial for de-stressing. Colouring books for adults can generate calmness and stimulate brain areas that are related to motor skills, creativity and senses.

Anxiety colouring books are amazing because they give you the opportunity to not do anything and zone out into them for a little bit. Anxiety colouring books can be a perfect gift for people with anxiety as they are meant to help people with an, especially overwhelming life. Simply put – anxiety colouring books will help de-stress by providing us with a complete focus on a certain activity.

Essential Oils

essential oils

Aromatherapy with essential oils can be extremely beneficial for people coping with everyday anxiety. Essential oils can bring positive energy and promote emotional well-being to a person suffering from anxiety. The choice of essential oils can be extremely wide and they can be used in different ways.

Essential oils can be used as part of the massage, relaxing bath or they can be placed in diffuser which fills the room with scent. An essential oil diffuser releases the aromas of relaxing oils into the room, which allows the individual to experience their calming effects passively.

Anxiety Bracelet

anxiety bracelet

Anxiety bracelet is a new-age treatment for anxiety that can provide overall calmness and also prevent anxiety attacks from happening. Anxiety bracelets can differ in design and material they are made off. They work by the principles of the magnetic field, essential oil diffusion, or acupressure.

Wearing anxiety bracelet can help soothe anxiety and ameliorate stress. Anxiety bracelets are minimalistic and elegant in design which means they can be worn every day. Most of them come in a gift box which makes it a perfect gift for someone with anxiety.

Soothing Tea

soothing tea for anxiety

Sipping a cup of tea is a relaxing and peaceful practice which allows you to sit back relax and take a break. You can easily look up for teas featuring: Chamomile, Lavender, St. John’s Wort, Lemon balm, Peppermint, Passionflower and Valerian root.

Drinking herbal teas with reassuring calming and sedative properties can help ease symptoms associated with chronic stress, anxiety, and depression

Anti-Stress Ball

anti stress ball

Stress balls are another great distraction method and can help to release any negative tension and irritability. During a stressful situation, the body tense up and physically clenches and squeezing an anti-stress ball can promote less tensed feeling. Anti-stress ball can also help focus to people that are restless in waiting rooms, or while flying. It can also help to children with ADHD, anxiety, or anger issues.

Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine

sound and sleep machine

Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine could be a perfect gift for people with sleep problems. It provides most realistic and natural sound environment with the aim to promote people relax and sleep better.  Ecotones Sound Sleep machine includes 10 different sounds including rainfall, waterfall, meditation and ocean sound.

Ecotones Sleep Machines and handy and can be moved and taken everywhere – perfect solution for all people having problem in falling asleep when not home.

Herbal Supplements

herbal supplements for anxiety

Herbal supplement can be extremely beneficial gift for people  that are looking for a natural way to reduce stress and anxiety. Natural supplements like amino acids such as L-theanine can have several beneficial effects mostly for treating anxiety and ADHD.

Ashwagadha root supplement also showed promising results in treating anxiety, stress and insomnia problems.

There can be found numerous herbal supplements featuring various herbs designed to relax and calm. NutriSuppz Anxiety formula uses blend of herbs and amino acids to help calm overstimulated nerve cells. Supplements like Zeanapin IR combine  multiple herbal ingredients known to promote calmness and overall relaxation.

Books for Anxiety

books for anxiety

Book is always a great gift so if you are considering in buying a book for a person that is suffering from anxiety – you are on the right path. Self-help books can be both a good way to learn about new techniques and to take a closer look into the causes of anxiety. There are numerous anxiety books available on the market and the offer can be extremely wide.

These are our top picks:

    • The Stress-Proof Brain, Melanie Greenberg, phD
    • The Highly Sensitive Person, Elaine N. Aron, phD
    • The Anxiety Toolkit, Alice Boyes, phD
    • The Worry Trick, David A. Carbonell, phD
    • Better than Perfect, dr. Elisabeth Lombardo

Therapy Sessions

anxiety therapy sessions

Therapy sessions for anxiety are probably the best possible way to learn how to cope with anxiety and find the cause behind it. However, many people tend to avoid it – sometimes because they deny they are having problems and sometimes because of the financial reasons.

Gifting a therapy session to someone will definitely eliminate any financial excuses to avoid treatment. You can try and go with gift card or offer to reimburse them.


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