Neuro Clarity Review: Best Brain Functioning Booster

neuro clarity

Neuro Clarity is a best-selling nootropic, made by the company called Nutrition Essentials and sold on the Amazon. This is a health supplement also known as “smart drug”, designed specifically to improve cognitive function.

The company which produces this supplement does not own any website, regarding the fact they sell variety of products. Therefore, all purchases go through the Amazon and all the comments and reviews are available over there. This might sound risky, but taking a look on all those comments and reviews tells us only one thing – Neuro Clarity is more than helpful to its users. Amazing 4.4 out of 5 stars rating makes it highly positioned and wanted.

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Basic Info

  • Neuro Clarity is all-natural supplement made for improving cognitive functioning, memory and concentration.
  • It includes certain ingredients proved to help above-mentioned problems, such as Ginkgo Biloba and St. John’s Wort.
  • Neuro Clarity improves brainpower, memory and efficiency and as a consequence reduces stress and anxiety.
  • The bottle contains 60 capsules, which are enough for minimum 2-months usage, if taken in maximum dosage of 2 pills per day.
  • Shipping in the USA is free.
  • Shipping weight is 2.4 ounces.
  • Many discounts are available from time to time.
  • Amazon rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Who Should Use Neuro Clarity?neuro clarity review

Neuro Clarity is nootropi supplement which improves brain functioning. It is not as powerful as pure Vinpocetine or other racetams available on the market, but still has extremely positive effects on its users. Not being that strong makes it appropriate to more users. Also, possible side effects are reduced, so wider population is covered.

Neuro Clarity Ingredients

Ginkgo Biloba, St. John’s Wort, and Bacopin are three most adverted and praised ingredients by Neuro Clarity’s manufacturer. They seem to be crucial for the supplement itself and all the positive effects its usage brings. However, Neuro Clarity includes a number of other ingredients, which are all listed publicly. Here’s the full Neuro Clarity ingredients list accompanied with specific measures:

  • 250mg of St. John’s Wort (3% Extract)
  • 150mg of Glutamine (as L-glutamine Hydrochloride)
  • 125mg of Phosphatidylserine Complex
  • 100mg of Bacopa Monnieri (20% Bacosides)
  • 50mg of Acetyl-l Carnitine
  • 50mg of DMAE Bitartrate
  • 50mg of Ginkgo Biloba (24% Extract)
  • 2mg of Vinpocetine
  • Other Ingredients include: Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, And Dicalcium Phosphate

This list is one of the things that make Neuro Clarity so popular and wanted. Not many manufacturers present their ingredients and measures publicly, which obviously does not have positive impact on buyers. Therefore, Neuro Clarity has (at least this) one big advantage.

How Does Neuro Clarity Work?

As the list of Neuro Clarity ingredients is published, we can easily conclude how and why it happens to be so helpful to all the users. Some of the ingredients include Ginkgo Biloba, St. John’s Wort, and Bacopin, all connected to cognitive performance improvement.

Ginkgo Biloba is a one of the oldest tree species on our planet, growing all over the world. It is usually used for treatment of wide range of conditions – from cognitive problems to erectile dysfunction. The reason for its wide efficiency is the fact it opens up blood vessels, allowing oxygen and blood to flow through the user’s brain.

Second important ingredient is St. John’s Wort – a herb used in preparation of many different medicines. Today, it is used for the treatments of exhaustion, depression, anxiety, and loss of appetite.

Finally, we come to Bacopin – extract made of the Bacopa Monnieri plant. Bacopin is a trademark of Sabinsa Corporation. It has been extensively researched in the past few years, as it seems to reduce memory loss and brain degeneration, which is why it is always suggested for Alzheimer treatment.

Bacopin, out of these three elaborated above, is the most promising ingredients as a nootripc. Together, however, they work synergistically in improving mental clarity, cognitive energy, and overall focus.

How to Use Neuro Clarity?

As for all other supplements, packaging contains all the directions for usage. When it comes to Neuro Clarity, user should take one or maximum two capsules per day. Taking more is not recommended by any means.

When we talk about timing and food intake – there are no specified ruled. However, most users do suggest taking the supplement before breakfast or lunch.

Finally, taking Neuro Clarity in the evenings or even afternoons is not recommended. This supplement might make you troubles falling asleep at normal time – time when your organism is used to “turn itself off”.

Neuro Clarity Side Effects

Even though there is almost no user stating to experience side effects while taking Neuro Clarity, which proves its quality and efficiency, Nutrition Essentials have published list of possible side effects on the packaging of the product. Manufacturer states following:

Do not exceed recommended dose. St. John’s Wort may contribute to photosensitivity resulting in skin irritation and redness in persons exposed to strong sunlight or tanning booths. Avoid in patients at risk of bleeding, taking anticoagulants, or with clotting disorders, based on case reports of bleeding. Discontinue use 2-3 weeks prior to some surgical and dental procedures due to increased risk of bleeding. Use cautiously in patients with history of seizure, based on reports of seizure due to ginkgo indigestion. Not intended for children under 18 years of age. Avoid use in couples who are trying to conceive, based on theoretical reduction of fertility.

It is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers, individuals taking MAO-inhibiting drugs or anyone with certain medical condition to take this supplement without consulting their doctor.

Also, be aware of the fact that traces of milk, soy, wheat, egg, peanuts, fish and shellfish may appear, as Neuro Clarity is manufactured in a facility which features all these things. So, if you are not allergic to above-mentioned ingredients, no negative experience should appear.



+ All the key ingredients of Neuro Clarity are listed.

+ There are numerous independent customer reviews provided on the Amazon.

+ There is a price discounts often offered to Amazon buyers.

+ Neuro Clarity is not overly stimulating.

+ This supplement is quite affordable.



– There happens to be no official website of the producer, where each buyer can read more information on the subject.

– Clinical test data for Neuro Clarity is not cited.


Neuro Clarity Reviews on Amazon

In order to help you making your final decision on whether to purchase this supplement or not, we bring you some of the user’s comments. Usage seems to be more than beneficial, considering its high 4.4 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon.

Here is what consumers say:

Þ   The best combination of brain nutrients I have ever taken all in one capsule. I used to take all of these brain nutrients separately. Also took Huperzine. Now I take 2 capsules along With the Huperzine and extra Vinpocetine! My long and shiort term memory are better and my clarity of thinking at 65 years has improved.

Þ   Definitely gives more focus and helps me stay alert in college classes! I am so glad that I purchased this product and I love that I was able to google all the ingredients and see that it all works well in this product together!

Þ   Overall this product seem to work very well. I am only giving it three stars instead of five because it did take a little bit to feel the effects. I am very satisfied however.

Þ   Great product! I did notice a change in my brain, better sleep, clear dreams, help me in my concentration. People with IBS …I did notice a change in a positive way. I will highly recommended for people who works with their brain and need avoid the crash moment in the afternoon. I took only pill everyday and help me with my memory. During the first week going to bed my brain will fell very clear, powerful like a computer. I was afraid that this wouldn’t let me sleep but …was great! Female 40″s, healthy (minus IBS). I only take vitamins. I will advise to consult with a Doctor otherwise.


Final Thought

The fact is this: so many people rave about the Neuro Clarity that chances of being disappointed with it are truly small. Nutrition Essentials, the producer, made significant impact with displaying all the ingredients, which makes this product more reliable than all other supplements sold over the Internet.

Yes, it does not have official website and that causes certain suspicion, but, to be realistic, Amazon contains all the information you might need and represent official re-seller. Therefore, everything is still legit.

It contains natural ingredients

It is highly praised by users

It does not have side effects

It has reasonable price, with many discounts available from time to time

It contains large amount of capsules

It has high rating on the Amazon…

There is really no need to continue with praises.

Go and buy it. See how it works in your organism.

It might make crucial change and impact on your life. Positive one, of course.

neuro clarity reviews

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