10 Most Asked Questions About Valium

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1. What are the differences between Vicodin, Percocet, and Valium/Xanax?

I heard that most people get vicodin for their wisdom teeth pain, but i got percocet for some reason. supposedly it’s stronger than vicodin because it has oxycodein or something. and my mom says she takes a xanax every time before she goes to the dentist because she hates going there.
Just wondering what their differences are?


Percoset IS stronger than hydrocodone, it all depends on your doctor what you get, though. Hydrocodone and percoset are opiates, meaning they allow the good feeling chemicals in our head to come rushing in all at once. Xanax and valium are anti anxiety drugs. (benzodiazepine). They’re all four narcotics and you should be really really careful not to become dependant on them-it happens quickly. Take the percs only as long as absolutely neccesary. If you become adddicted your brain will stop producing dopamine on it’s own, and you’ll get extremely depressed because you’ll no loner be able to naturally find joy in things…well i’m rambling now. Be careful!

2. Does taking a Valium help you calm down?

If you are doing something stressful, does it help?


Xanax work better for me, Valium made me to moody, which didn’t help the anxiety.

3. Do valium pills have a “Z” at the top and the numbers 1327 at the bottom?

My aunt has mixed her pills up and we are trying to find out what these are.


Since they are your Aunt’s pills, she should know what she takes. But I keep all my pills in a bottle in my purse, and if the store I get them at changes generics, then I can get them mixed up.
You can go to on our homepage and look for the anxiety pill pictures.
I am giving you the benefit of the doubt!

4. Just curious as to what happens and what you experience after taking Valium?

Just as the question says


You feel very, very relaxed, and you go to sleep. Good for easing muscle pain, for easing anxiety. Bad if you need to feel alert and chipper the next day!

5. When taking valium, can you eat oranges?

I know you’re not supposed to eat grapefruit and seville oranges but will regular oranges be fine?


Small amounts should be fine.

6. I took 5 mg of valium for the first time ever, I have a pre-employment drug test in three days will i pass?

It says it only stays in urine for 2-3 days, I would just like some assurance, I hvae never taken this before so im not a chronic user.


Pre-employment drug tests don’t test for benzodiazepines, like Valium. They just do the 5-panel: opiates, amphetamines, pot, MDMA, and cocaine. Unless you are applying to be doctor, a cop, or you’re on probation getting drug tests, you don’t have anything to worry about. Its more expensive to test for more drugs, and companies are too cheap to do it-they just do the old drug test for show, in my opinion, to cover all their bases!

7. When i was little my mother used to give me valium-diazepam (don’t ask why) now I’m 16 can it damaged my body?

I feel joints squeaks and my muscles are weaker from friends.What should I do?


Valium is Diazepam. To above answerer.

Nah, It shouldnt give you skeltal problems.

But your best bet is seeing a doctor.

8. I took 15mg of valium then remembered I’ve to be at an appointment tomorrow?

The 15mg is taken now I feel really calm but could also sleep, however, I said I’d be at this coffee morning thing at 10am, it’s 3am now.

I need to be up at 7.30am to get there for the bus. Do I go to sleep and risk not bothering to get up or do I get out the coffee and go in to the meeting looking like a zombie?

(it’s an informal meeting about depression)


Depends how bothered about the meeting you are.

9. How long does Valium addiction last?

I had been buying some from a friend and i started to not like the way they felt so i stopped now every time i close my eyes i see people different people every time and im super tired my stomach aches (id take most the time 4 10mg’s with 2 shots of tequila can) i also stopped drinking i am not a heavy drinker i drink like 2 shots at most but im quitting at the moment so someone please help me out and tell me its driving me nuts


You must be having withdrawal symptoms and from what you used to take, you will need professional help in weaning you off the drug gradually. Go see your physician who can refer you to a rehab facility.

10. How long does Valium take to “kick in?”?


I take one tablet 4 or 5 times a week as I need to for anxiety-related IBS. Im tall and slim with a fast metabolism and I think it hits me within 5 mins. The full effect takes about 10 I guess, but just knowing Ive taken one helps me to relax so I think that blurs the lines a little.

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