How to use anxiety to your advantage?

Even though it may seem useless at times, there is a purpose for anxiety. These feelings and symptoms are a part of our innate way of dealing with stress. Known as the fight-or-flight response, anxiety is meant to protect us from danger and allow us to react faster to emergencies.

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How can you use anxiety to improve performance?

Those who viewed stressful events as challenges–rather than threats–gained energy from their anxiety. The boost in energy motivated them and improved their performance. The researchers discovered individuals performed best when they acknowledged their anxiety–as opposed to suppressing it.

How Can anxiety be used as fuel?

When you experience anxiety you have two choices about where to devote that extra energy; into suppressing it or embracing. When you embrace it, you’re able to put your energy into the task-at-hand. You can succeed when you feel anxious as long as you are open to the idea that nervous energy can fuel your performance.

Is anxiety good for your heart?

Increased blood pressure – Stress and anxiety cause cortisol levels to spike which increases blood pressure and heart rate. Frequent spikes in blood pressure weaken the heart muscle and could eventually lead to coronary disease.

Is a little anxiety good?

A little anxiety can be a good thing — motivating you to act quickly in the face of danger, for example, or inspiring caution with your finances. But when you can’t control your worries, they can harm your health, particularly if you’re 50 or older.

How anxiety affects your performance?

It can cause you to go so far as to give up or avoid taking part in sports, purely to minimise the chance of losing or underperforming. This, in turn, leads to a lack of motivation and can prevent someone from taking part in sports altogether.

Does anxiety use energy?

Anxiety involves a lot of energy and adrenaline. It is up to you how you use this energy. Your attitude and disposition are generally within your control. When you feel a negative thought or a worry start creeping in, change your mind’s course of thoughts.

How can anxiety levels impact performance?

When feeling overwhelming fear, the athlete may be unable to move, talk or act at all. Pre-competitive anxiety also develops as an inability to concentrate before an upcoming event or competition. The athlete is unable to concentrate on the task at hand and therefore cannot give their performance full attention.

How can I channel my anxiety?

Channel Your Stress and Anxiety Into Drive and Inspiration Medicate it. Let it spiral out of control.

Do nerves improve performance?

Yerkes and John Dillingham Dodson, demonstrated that moderate levels of anxiety improve performance in humans and animals: too much anxiety, obviously, impairs performance, but so does too little. Their findings have been experimentally demonstrated in both animals and humans many times since then.

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