How to turn anxiety into excitement?

That’s because anxiety and excitement are both aroused emotions. In both, the heart beats faster, cortisol surges, and the body prepares for action. In other words, they’re “arousal congruent.” The only difference is that excitement is a positive emotion‚ focused on all the ways something could go well.

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How do I switch from anxiety to excitement?

Can you confuse excitement with anxiety?

There’s a fine line between anxiety and excitement. Physiologically, the two are almost identical. You know the feeling: elevated heart rate, stomach butterflies, sweaty palms, and nervousness. They’re all symptoms that result from the arousal of the nervous system.

How do I stop being overexcited?

Dr Khemani recommends five simple yet effective ways to keep calm: Awareness is important. Step outside if over-excitement is making you anxious. Practice meditation and breathing exercises. Indulge your senses. Practise balancing your emotions, even otherwise in your daily life.

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