How to overcome swallowing anxiety?

Stress or anxiety may cause some people to feel tightness in the throat or feel as if something is stuck in the throat. This sensation is called globus sensation and is unrelated to eating. However, there may be some underlying cause. Problems that involve the esophagus often cause swallowing problems.

How do you relax your throat from anxiety?

Stretching the neck Tilt the head forward and hold for 10 seconds. Raise it back to the center. Roll the head to one side and hold for 10 seconds. Bring it back to the center and repeat on the opposite side. Shrug the shoulders so that they almost touch the ears. Hold for a few seconds, then relax. Repeat this 5 times.

Can fear of swallowing be cured?

Many people find that excessive chewing and swallowing each bite with a large sip of liquid can help to ease their symptoms. Those with a more severe fear, however, may need to resort to shakes, baby food, and purees, or even subsist on a liquid diet.

Can anxiety cause swallowing symptoms?

Anxiety itself doesn’t make it harder to swallow, but it does lead to an overall awareness of the throat muscles that may cause issues with swallowing. It helps to understand why these issues occur in order to treat them.

Can’t stop thinking about swallowing?

Any bodily process or sensation to which one selectively attends can form the foundation of this sensory or sensorimotor obsession. In a typical scenario, individuals begin to selectively attend to their swallowing, for example, and become anxious that they will become unable to stop thinking about their swallowing.

What does throat anxiety feel like?

When anxiety makes your throat feel tight or makes you feel like you have something stuck in your throat, the feeling is called “globus sensation.

Why am I so scared of swallowing?

Phagophobia is a word that comes from Greek phagein, “eat” and phobos, “fear”. It is a fear of swallowing that manifests in various symptoms without any apparent physical reason detectable by a traditional assessment. The disorder can wreak havoc on normal eating in a variety of ways.

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