How to manage anxiety during pregnancy?

Tips to calm anxiety while pregnant Catch more Zzzs. Some research has found that lack of sleep could exacerbate anxiety, so aim for seven to eight hours a night whenever possible. Eat whole, fresh foods. Arm yourself with knowledge. Build a support system. Schedule time in your day to relax.

Can anxiety during pregnancy affect the baby?

High levels of anxiety, during pregnancy, have adverse effect on mother and baby (3, 9, 10). Anxiety, in early pregnancy, results in loss of fetus and in the second and the third trimester leads to a decrease in birth weight and increased activity of the Hypothalamus – Hypophysis–Adrenal axis (3, 4).

Why is my anxiety so high during pregnancy?

Factors that could increase the chances of experiencing high anxiety during pregnancy include: history of high anxiety and/or depression. perfectionism (believing you should not make any mistakes and do everything just right) history of miscarriage(s).

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