How to get over travel anxiety?

They include fear of being in a new place, the stress of planning, or physical things like fatigue or low blood sugar. If you get travel anxiety because you worry about what will happen, create a battle plan: Make sure you have enough money.

Is travel anxiety a thing?

For some, just being out of their home and familiar surroundings can be enough to bring on travel anxiety, especially if you suffer from panic attacks. Meeting new people or experiencing new foods can also make people feel insecure, plus worrying about how you’ll react emotionally may trigger anxiety.

Why do I get panic attacks in the car?

The way you’re sitting, your fear, and even your seatbelt may contribute to mild to moderate hyperventilation. In those with anxiety, hyperventilation is both a cause and a symptom of panic disorder, and so, if you hyperventilate for any reason while driving, it’s likely to trigger an attack.

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