How to drive with anxiety?

What can you do if you feel nervous about driving? Take care of yourself before you even get in the car. Make the car feel like a positive and safe space. Focus on the destination. Book more lessons – or take another test.

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Can anxiety make it hard to drive?

Driving anxiety can occur all day long, with many people reporting feeling a constant sense of doom if they know they have to drive later that day. For others, it can occur without warning. In severe cases this can be experienced as a panic attack.

Does driving anxiety go away?

Driving Anxiety Treatment

For some people, driving-related anxiety is a condition they can resolve on their own. Others, though, will need the guidance and knowledge of a mental health professional.

How common is driving anxiety?

Driver anxiety is more common than you may think. A new study from, an Expedia company, shows that 44% of drivers have at least one type of driving phobia. While difficult at times, these phobias do not have to control your life.

Why do I get panic attacks when driving?

The most common causes of panic attacks while driving are: High stress: If a person is getting behind the wheel with high stress from their day, they could encounter a higher risk of panic attacks while driving. High anxiety: High anxiety can stem from environmental issues or biological concerns.

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