How to Chose Your Perfect Anxiety Bracelet?

Anxiety is such a common condition that almost every person that lives a modern-day life struggles with some form of anxiety. But not every anxiety condition requires medical treatment. Some mild forms of everyday anxiety that many of us have can be treated with different techniques and rituals. Anxiety bracelet seems to be the new thing for preventing anxiety attacks from happening.

If you want a drug-free anxiety treatment that can help you reclaim your confidence and feel like yourself again, we recommend trying with Anxiety Bracelet.

The idea itself that wearing Anxiety Bracelet can help you control your anxiety level might seem like a nonsense idea. But, according to many people, this new-age treatment can provide you  overall calmness and prevent anxiety attacks from happening.

In many cases, the bracelets are made of crystals and designed to balance a person’s chakras. People that practice this form of relief believe that bracelet stone help to soothe their anxieties and ameliorate stress.

Almost every anxiety bracelet is an essential oil diffuser and works by the principles of aromatherapy.  You can drop the essential oil on the anxiety bracelet stone which can give off the essence of the essential oils.

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Anxiety Calming Bracelet – How Does it Work?

Anxiety calming bracelet works with the body’s natural response to rhythm. It syncs with your heart-rate as it sends vibrations through the wrist. Just like listening to a relaxing song, the vibrations of the anxiety calming bracelet calm and focus the user, but without the noise or distraction.

Anxiety calming bracelet can provide you with anxiety relief before public speaking or to stay calm during a stressful period. Some users prefer to use it proactively and keep the vibrations on throughout the day to provide a constant sense of calm. Some people prefer to use it during meditation or yoga, to make it more effective.

Anxiety calming bracelet balances your chakra or diffuses essential oils. Anxiety bracelet can laso be a simple rubber wristband which you can simply snap when you are feeling anxious or stressed. Snapping the rubber band brings you back to reality so that your thoughts are not causing you to feel like things around you are crashing.

Bottom line is, that anxiety bracelet can’t be considered as anxiety cure, but more of a strategy. Combined with your anxiety treatment it can gradually reduce your anxiety symptoms.

Anxiety bracelet is becoming the latest trend in treating anxiety and the choice is extremely wide. There are thousands anxiety bracelets available online and they all differ in design and the way you can benefit from them.

In order to narrow your choice at least a little, we created a list of most popular and most effective anxiety bracelets.

Anxiety Bracelet With Essential Oils

Almost every Anxiety bracelet has a lava stone that can absorb essential oils and then diffuse it gradually. Lava stones can come in colourful beads, which corresponds to different chakras.  People who wear the stones believe they are encouraging positive energy flow throughout the body.These are top-selling anxiety bracelets with essential oils from Amazon.

 Anxiety Bracelet With Essential Oils and Lava Stones


Anxiety bracelet with essential oils

  •  The bracelet is made of 7 chakra stones together combined with lava stones. 
  •  Lava stone beads are porous and can absorb the essential oil of your choice and keep scent all the day.
  • The stones are low in  density and they are light weighted. Its cool feeling in hands can make the anxiety calm down. 
  • Suitable for man and woman

 Anxiety Bracelet with Essential Oils  and Turquise Stones


turqouise anxiety bracelet with essential oils


  • The pores will trap and slowly diffuse the oil well throughout the day. It wont leave the oily trace.                                             
  • The lava beads absorb well your favorite essential oil.
  • Turquoise is a calming stone that helps relieve stress and aid with insomnia
  • The bracelets is made by original lava stones.



Essential Oil Diffuser Anxiety Bracelet

essential oil diffuser anxiety bracelet

  • The stainless steel bangle with pads for essential oil diffusion.
  • Drop 3-4 drops essential oil you need on the refill pad.
  • More oil you use, stronger the aroma you will have.
  • Its fashionable and has the tree of hope pattern carved on the dial of the bracelet makes it a perfect gift

Mens Anxiety Bracelet

If you think the anxiety bracelets are just for women, think again. The trend seems to have caught on with many man. These are specially designed bracelets for men and we picked out some of the top selling mens anxiety bracelet on Amazon.

Tiger Eye Mens Anxiety Bracelet

                                                                             mens anxiety bracelet tiger eye

  • Made with vulcanic stones rocks with high absorption ability
  • The scent will last all the day on the volcanic stone
  •  Designed for stress relief, meditate, yoga, essential oil diffuses.
  • You can wear it while sleeping, the scent can help you with insomnia and anxiety


Mens Anxiety Bracelet with Hematite Stones

  • Made of Hematite magnetic stonesMens anxiety bracelet hematite
  • It can absorb negative energy and improve physical strength
  • Healing properties of hematite help bring the mind, body, and spirit into harmony.

Mens Crystal Natural Stone Anxiety Bracelet


  • Made with natural crystal stones
  • Various stones that have their own unique healing powers and properties mens anxiety bracelet natural stones
  •  Each stone represents and heals one of the 7 chakras of the body



Acupressure Healing Bracelet for Anxiety

Acupressure anxiety bracelet utilizes acupuncture pressure points  found on the wrist to relieve anxiety. Acupressure bracelets apply gentle force upon the pressure points located in the wrist area which further triggers release of endorphin – a neurochemical that works as pain-inhibitor in our brain.  This pain relief then allows an increase of oxygen and blood to which results in muscle relaxation and an increased ability to heal.

Acupressure bracelets enable a sense of deep relaxation. An acupressure healing bracelet for anxiety applies pressure to the specific anxiety points. This specific point treats nervousness, anxiety and emotional imbalances. The gentle force upon H7 pressure point can help with anxiety, stress and overall relaxation.

Pressure Point Bracelet for Stress and Anxiety Relief

Bracelet utilizes functional acupressure points (H7/P7/LU9/H6/P6/LU9) that are an effective solution to decreasing or completely relieving symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, stress, headache, nausea naturally. This pressure point bracelet has the ability to stimulate circulation, reduce pain and even boost your immune system.

acupuncture anxiety bracelet

Every pressure points on the bracelet works differently:

Pressure point H7 can help treat emotional imbalances, nervousness, anxiety and fear.

Pressure Point P7 can helps with insomnia, stress,  menopause hot flashes, manic behavior, excessive sweating as well as stomach pain and vomiting.

Pressure Point LU9 can help relieve stress headaches, nervousness, poor circulation, headaches and migraines.

Pressure Point  HT-7 can help anxiety and sleep disorders such as insomnia. Stimulation of this point helps with insomnia, emotional issues, and anxiety.

Pressure Point is PC-6 relieves nausea, vomiting, morning sickness or sea sickness.

Magnetic Anxiety Bracelet

There are some anxiety bracelet based on the magnetic field. Magnets showed promising results in anxiety treatment. Apart from being effective in anxiety relief, they are elegant in design and for this reason magnetic anxiety bracelets can be often seen on many people. Most of them contain Earth magnets to fight pain and inflammation and to provide overall relaxation.

The main benefit with magnetic anxiety bracelet starts with improving local circulation. The magnets in the bracelet can draw more blood to the arm and wrist because of the iron in your blood. Wearing a magnetic bracelet can cause magnetic waves to pass through the body and create an overall feeling of relaxation.

Magnetic anxiety bracelet can also improve your body’s melatonin production. It helps stimulation of melatonine (sleep hormone). People with sleep disorders may take melatonin supplements to get a better night’s sleep, but magnetic bracelets are a natural way to help you fall asleep more quickly after getting in bed, and get better quality sleep overall.

These are top selling magnetic anxiety bracelets for man and woman.

Magnetic Anxiety Bracelet for Woman


  • Made with high quality material – 18k gold plating with high polish silver  
  • Nickel and Lead free (no allergic reactions)magnetic anxiety bracelet for woman
  • Extra strength magnets (3000 Gauss Each)
  • It is used to reduce stress and anxiety,improve sleep

Mens Magnetic Anxiety Bracelet


  • Reduce pain, fatigue and muscle tension.
  • Improve blood circulation, energy, balance, and sleep
  • Made with Titanium and Stainless Steel
  • Can be used for pain management, arthritis, headaches
  • Improves overall health


Anxiety Awareness bracelet


The benefit from most of the anxiety bracelets starts from either aromatherapy with essential oils, magnetic fields or acupressure, there is also such thing as anxiety awareness bracelet. This could be any form of wristband you can use as tapping device. Use simple rubber wristband and snap it every time you are aware of your anxiety. It also gives you something to do with your hands.

Anxiety awareness bracelet like rubber wristband can be an effective anxiety treatment. Place a rubber band on your wrist, and every time that you start feeling stressed, lightly snap it. The idea is that your brain will subconsciously start avoiding the stimulus (in this case, stress) to prevent the unpleasant snapping of the rubber band. It can also make you aware of how common are your anxiety attacts.


Anti-Anxiety Bracelet: What do People Say?



“I just feel the bracelet helps me to stay calm and avoid becoming panicked. A friend told me about it a few months ago when she gave it to me as a gift. Ever since wearing it, I’ve felt a lot more centered when I’m at work


“I’ve been wearing mine for the last year. My girlfriend gave it to me as a birthday gift because I was recently diagnosed with panic disorder. Here’s the crazy thing – ever since wearing, I haven’t experienced any more attacks.


This is a lovely bracelet to get if you suffer from Anxiety or Stress. It works for me i don’t feel so anxious about everything now . I wear it all the time .


I was skeptical but I have high anxiety and I know these can help calm me down so I figured why not. They are heavy duty beads. The tiger eye is beautiful and the black beads resemble lava rock polished so I’m sure I can add Essential Oils in there too. Over all a nice bracelet



What do Mental Health Experts Say?


It’ s obvious that simple bracelet cant be effective in anxiety treatment like medical drugs.  This is not to say that you can’t experience a positive benefit from them, only that you shouldn’t consider an anxiety bracelet as a cure for anxiety.

If you are suffering from mild anxiety that does not require any medical treatment – this could be a perfect alternative treatment.

Have you worn this form of bracelet? If so, share us your experiences in the comments bellow.



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