Finding the Right Anxiety Medication

medication for anxiety

Anxiety is a healthy emotional response to situations. It is normal for one to feel anxious about an important test, job interview, or in the waiting room while a parent is having surgery. However, if you are anxious most of the time, it may be time to find a medication that will help control your symptoms and ease your tension.

Anxiety is characterized by feelings of edginess, tension, worry, muscle tightness, muscle pain, jumpiness, fatigue, headaches, and/or nausea. Whether you have already been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or not, this article will provide tips on how to work with your doctor to find the best, most effective anxiety medication for you.

First, make an appointment with your doctor. Discuss your symptoms with him or her in the office. To be thorough about your symptoms, keep a list of the symptoms you experience day to day and on occasion to show to your doctor.

If your doctor concurs that you are experiencing too much anxiety, he or she will prescribe medication, most likely an anti-depressant or anti-anxiety pill.

If it has already been determined that you have difficulty with anxiety and you are not happy about the effectiveness of your current medication, discuss your concerns with your doctor. He or she may raise the dose of your current medication or try a new one. Be sure that you understand the instructions your doctor gives you. Write them down if it helps you remember.

When your doctor gives you new medication, keep a list of the side-effects you experience with the medication. Note if the side-effects lessen, increase, or go away after a few weeks of use. Also note if the medication is lessening your anxiety symptoms.

Make sure to follow-up with your doctor regularly. Communicate with your doctor about what is and is not working in terms of medication. It is important that you discuss all the symptoms and side-effects you experience with each medication so that the doctor can work with you to figure out the medication or combination of medications will work best for your situation.

Finding the right medication or combination of medications for anxiety can take a long time due to the chemical changes that need to take place. Do not get discouraged if the first, second, or even fifth try to find the right medication does not have positive results. In time you and your doctor will find the right medication to alleviate your anxiety symptoms.

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