Exercise for treating Anxiety

Exercise for treating Anxiety

There are many different types of anxiety disorder, some people use anxiety disorder for social phobia, some use for generalized anxiety disorder and some people use anxiety disorder for panic disorder. There are many different kinds of anxiety disorder and their medication and therapy is totally different from other. Doctor suggests medication and psychotherapy for treating anxiety disorder in patient but there are many people who are finding great improvement in their anxiety disorder with the help of exercises.

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Important Information about Anxiety:

Anxiety disorder is one of the common problems in United States and all over the world. According to research done in 2012, there are 50 million American that are suffering from different kinds of anxiety disorder. The symptoms of anxiety vary according to the type of anxiety. Different people get different symptoms of anxiety disorder. Doctors and professional sometime suggest medication and sometime they suggest psychotherapy. If person is getting frequent symptoms of anxiety disorder then doctors suggest them medications and psychotherapy both. These symptoms include less sleeping, unable to relax, fatigue, fear, worry and muscles pain. If you frequently getting these symptoms it is good to contact with your doctor because he suggest you best anxiety treatment according to your medical history.

Treating anxiety with exercise:

Exercise is very beneficial for health as well as brain. Exercise not only improves your health condition but it also helps your brain to generate neurotransmitters and endorphins which promotes positive thinking. There are many different kinds of exercise which are suggested for patient with depression and anxiety problem. Exercise makes brain to relax and generate ‘feel-good’ chemical in the brain. Simple exercises like walking, running, swimming makes person to come out from his home and starts interacting with his friends and love one. When person start interacting with his friends and love ones then negative feelings start replacing with positive feelings. Exercise also improves night sleep and promotes restful sleeping.

Exercises for anxiety:

Basically, there is no clear link between exercise and anxiety but there are many people that are getting improvement in their anxiety problem by doing simple exercise like swimming, walking, jogging and running. There are many doctors that start suggesting exercise especially yoga exercises for social anxiety disorder treatment. Some people are using holistic exercise such as yoga because yoga improve breathing and remove nervous feeling. Yoga promotes positive and mindfulness thinking. There is no exact exercise for anxiety patient you can do any exercise which gives you enjoyment. Going for bicycle with your friend in early morning is one of the best treatments for anxiety disorder. Try to do exercise where some people are involve, anxiety gives feeling of ‘making mistake’ that is why doing exercise which involve other people help in removing ‘making mistake’ feeling. Doctors and medical professionals suggest exercising 30 minutes for 3-4 days per week helps a lot in treating anxiety.

Yoga for treating anxiety:

Yoga is very important tool for treating anxiety. You need to practice doing asana because asana is the best move of yoga which reduce nervous and worry feeling. By reducing nervous and worry feeling, person starts see improvement in their anxiety symptoms. Other yoga breathing moves, lengthening inhaling and exhaling air also reduce the symptoms of anxiety. Recent research done on yoga moves and it is found that nostril breathing improves symptoms of anxiety. Yoga moves like pranayama and bhakti are recommended by many doctors for treating anxiety.


In the end I want to say yoga and exercise is the great way for reducing symptoms of anxiety but there are not the substitute of medication and psychotherapy. There are many others ways of treating anxiety which you’ll find from this website. If you’re having anxiety then it is important to consult with the doctor for best treatment and before starting any exercise it is good to consult with your doctor because doctor is best place in suggesting you best suitable exercise for your health.

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