Counseling for Anxiety

Counseling for Anxiety

Deciding you need therapy for anxiety can be a difficult decision.  Human nature makes us believe we can handle anything on our own.  Some people also still attach a stigma to the idea of therapy.  I have a friend who refuses to get help for anxiety, because he’s afraid the people where he works will think “he’s going crazy”.  We throw words around with little sensitivity sometimes.   Odds are his coworkers would be very understanding, because they might have their own anxieties they’re dealing with on a regular basis.

No matter what level of anxiety you experience, you should try to deal with what’s causing the problem.   But you definitely need therapy when you realize anxiety has reached a level where it’s controlling your life.  If you have frequent panic attacks or often change your behavior to avoid having anxiety attacks, then you need therapy.  Some therapies can be done on your own, but more severe cases of anxiety may require the assistance of a professional therapist.  The important thing is to take the first steps to help yourself by admitting your anxiety is out of control.

I decided I had to relieve the growing anxiety in my life, so I undertook a self help program that teaches you how to talk to yourself in a supportive manner.  I can’t believe the difference it’s made in my life.  Instead of always telling myself I can do better, I tell myself I did well.  Instead of convincing myself I’d fail if I attempted a new experience, I convinced myself to go ahead and try.  As a result, the level of anxiety has dropped significantly, and my life is much richer in every respect.  It took several months to reach this point, but it’s well worth the effort.

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