5 Ways for Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment


Social anxiety disorder is also called social phobia in which person gets very strong feeling of fear and shyness. There are many people who get fear feeling when going to high public place or giving speech to large audience but social phobia is much more than that. With social anxiety disorder person fear to make mistake and avoid going to places with have highly crowded. If you are also suffering from social anxiety disorder then you can get its treatment. Treatment of social anxiety disorder is varies from person to person. There are some ways to get treatment for social anxiety disorder from which 5 are listed below:

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Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment:


Challenge your negative thoughts:

If you want to overcome from social phobia then you need to face your negative thoughts. Don’t run from them try to challenge them. People with social anxiety disorder get thoughts like:

“People think I’m crazy”

“I know I can’t face people face to face”

“I will surely make mistake and make me fool”

These are the negative feeling that person with anxiety disorder gets often before any public event. Instead of getting fear from them, it is good to challenge them. Challenging them will help you to reduce social anxiety disorder at great deal.

First thing you need to do is to identify what kind of negative thoughts you getting. Suppose if you are getting fear you have to introduce yourself in the class in front of large student and you are getting thoughts “my voice start shaking and surely students make fun of me”.

After identifying then you need to challenge them. List down all the question possibly you have to answer. After writing them in paper write down their answers and practice them few times in front of mirror will surely help you to reduce your social anxiety disorder.

Control your breathing:

The most common symptoms of anxiety disorder is over-breathing. For social anxiety disorder treatment you need to learn how to control your breathing. One of the best way to control breathing is by doing yoga regularly. Yoga helps you to control your body and breathing. For controlling your breathing you need to sit comfortably on the floor while folding your legs. Place your both hands on your both knees then try to inhale air slowly with your nose for 4 seconds. Hold the air for 2 seconds and then start exhaling it slowly for 5 second.

Face your Fear:

The best way to get treatment for social anxiety disorder is to face the fear instead of avoiding them. Avoiding your fear will not going to help you in long run. If you want to get rid of social anxiety then you need to face it. If you keep on avoiding your fear it will become more and more frightening. You will start getting fear in going to any public place and you start getting fear in coming to your family member wedding. If you get fear in meeting with new people then you can start planning for picnic or outing with your family members. Try to face your one fear at a time. Going too fast will not going to help in anxiety treatment.

Make changes in your lifestyle:

Changing your lifestyle will help you in treating anxiety at some deal. If you are smoking then you need to quit it because Nicotine increases the level of anxiety. You need to limit the in-take of caffeine, added sugar juice, chocolates, tea and energy drinks.  Try to lower your stress level and get enough sleeping.

Increase your social relationship:

Making new friend and going for outing with them will help in social anxiety disorder treatment. Instead of sitting alone try to talk with your friend. If you are having some free time join some volunteer work and do activities in which a group of people are involve.

These are 5 ways of treating social anxiety. If you already try all of them and still find no results then it is good to get professional advice. It is good to get treatment of social anxiety because its symptoms keep on increasing. There are some people who don’t seek for treatment of social anxiety because they happy in avoiding the public places. But getting treatment of social phobia is better in long run.

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